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“What I remember most
about that first stop
was that he asked
“Where are you headed.”
Not “license, registration
and proof of insurance,
please” - but
“Where are you headed.”

Riding in Cars with Black People & Other Newly Dangerous Acts: A Memoir in Vanishing Whiteness
is the groundbreaking and crushingly honest story of what happens when a black boy, raised by white parents, “ages out” of honorary white and suburban privilege and into a world where folklore, statistics, and conjecture deem him dangerous until proven otherwise. At times funny, biting and somber Riding in Cars... takes audiences on an intense and insightful journey, along the way unpacking race, privilege and policing like only a transracial adoptee can.

With playful humor and sharp observance Riding in Cars... continues to resonate with diverse audiences. Demonstrating how even the most painful experiences can be reclaimed, transformed, and accepted for what they are: the building blocks of our unique identities.

Brenden Kiley of the Stranger says “Growing up "white" … and "becoming black" gives Goller-Sojourner a powerfully unique position to talk about the strange racial ruptures in our culture [as] he has lived on at least two sides of the many-sided divide and can describe its contours more accurately than most anyone.”

The production originally debuted in April 2013, under the direction of BROWNBOX African-American Theater artistic director Tyrone Brown. Brown explains, “Chad’s work is brilliant. He has this remarkable ability to transport the audience to a time and place showered in such vivid detail that you actually become a witness to his life. As a performer, Chad is so engaging that it’s like you are the only other person in the room and he has personally invited you into his past to experience his life first hand.”

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