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“And so began,
in earnest, an intentional
journey, one out of
whiteness and
into Blackness.
It would begin with a
new name, followed
by a new major and
a move to New York City -
where for the first time,
I would find my
own reflection pleasing.”

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“I saw this show last night and it is so brilliant and heartbreaking and beautiful and hilarious and so so so important!” - Foley Ricchi

“Just saw this show. Very insightful - an Autobiographical monologue. Think Whoopi Goldberg, but more fierce!” - Keith Cunningham

“What a great show. Wonderful, just wonderful.” – Shira Bray

“Amazing!” - David Stemp

“A must see for all white folks” “one of the funniest solo acts I have ever seen.” “He takes it all, puts a hilarious comic spin on it and not only enlightens us but also keeps us rolling in the aisles with laughter.” - Marie Bonfils

“I was beaming and laughing uproariously. The way that you seamlessly use humor to explore painful, difficult, subject matter never ceases to amaze me.” - Kathy Johnston

“Fantastic! I am forever changed because of your show”
– Joanne Lindwall

“This is an AMAZING play!!! Funny, poignant, honest & poetic! Everyone should see it!!” – Spence

“Many thanks for so profoundly educating while at the same time entertaining us immensely.” - Mona Lee

“A powerful and relevant story” Chad. Your insights are so keen and I trust that you will ride this wave (story) all the way to a sea of change.” - Vivian Phillips

“Chad, thank you for sharing what you did in the QA about not needing to own shame that's not yours. It made an impact on me, showing me that most of the shame I carry is not mine. Also, it is rare and healing when I see someone in their skin, truly comfortable being themselves and not anything or anybody else. I feel grateful for you.”
- Sara Overstreet

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